Michelle's Lanvin Sneakers  

Apparently, some people have taken issue with Michelle Obama's high-end style. While volunteering at thee Capitol Area Food Bank for Feeding America, she was sighted wearing a pair of $540 Lanvin sneakers. Stylelist.com wants you to vote on whether or not the pricey footwear was inappropriate for the occasion. Needless to say, I think they should back off of her.

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Rue La La - Antik Denim Sale  

Rue La La is having an Antik Denim Sale! Jeans are marked down to $65 and shorts and skirts are $49. These jeans trademark is their heavy stitching on the back pockets, so these are great for girls who want to give the illusion of a little more booty or those who want to bring more attention to the booty they've got.

The sale ends Saturday morning. Enjoy!

To receive an invitation, click here or copy/paste link below:

Heeeeere’s Grace!!!  

So apparently you CAN learn something from fictional tv and movies! I just had a flashback from the movie Boomerang (starring Eddie Murphy, Halle Berry, etc) upon reading WWD's article about Grace Jones who played the infamous character of Strange.

She was scheduled to perform Tuesday night a star-studded party on a boat at the South Street Seaport for the celebration at Matthew Williamson’s collaboration with H&M at approximately 10:30pm. After an hour had gone by with no Grace and 29 minutes left into the party, she made her entrance...:

"Suddenly, Jones was there, descending to the dance floor in a clear glass elevator, wearing a cape and a mask the shape of a butterfly. “And now, ladies and gentleman,” a voice said. “Heeeeere’s Grace.”

From there, the diva performed a four-song set featuring “Slave to the Rhythm,” “Pull up to the Bumper,” “La Vie En Rose” and “Williams’ Blood,” a track from her new album, “Hurricane.” There were costume changes between each song, another mask, which appeared to be battery operated — it had red lights that moved throughout it — and a bustier that could have asphyxiated a weaker celebrity. Just about everyone proclaimed to be impressed."

How I would've LOVED to see that! And I cannot believe that THAT is the body of a 60 year old. Tina Turner didn't look that good! Take notes ladies...I sure am!

Check out the article and more pictures from the event:
Grace Jones Wows at Williamson H&M Event - Lifestyle News - WWD.com:

Ripped AND Bleached in One: J Brand  

Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure that by now you know that both tie-dyed and ripped jeans are in. Well J Brand has a pair that incorporates both trends into one pair - the Low-Rise Pencil Leg in Zombie. Its a gray and white tie-dye and the pencil leg makes it versatile for any type of shoe.

See Rihanna, Beyonce, and Ashley Tisdale wearing theirs in totally different ways:

I love me some of Rihanna's style, but I wish she would lay low on the hot trends for awhile because I am getting tired of having to put her in every post! Jeez!

I have to say that Beyonce's is my favorite look. It is light, springy, and feminine with some edge. And I LOVE that tank!

Ok, now Ashanti has a pair too...I mean, was J Brand GIVING these jeans away?!

Billion Dollar Babes James Jeans Sale  

James Jeans provides a great fit for curvier girls with hips and thighs so hurry because the sale ends tomorrow at 11:59 pm!!!
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Fashionista Alert: Zoe Saldana  

Nothing like a big project to boost your spirits AND your fashion game. Actress, Zoe Saldana who has been promoting the new Star Wars film she's in, has definitely pulled out all of the stops and yes, we are taking notice. Her apparel and shoes are ON POINT at ALL TIMES now.

Here's what she had to say about her recent looks:
"Sometimes the outfit chooses you. You see it, you walk toward it and you slide into it," Saldana said of the winning red carpet ensembles she's worn around Europe while promoting the Sci Fi flick. "That's what happened with this dress."

Good grief! Why can't she just give her poor stylist credit where its due????

But, we see you Zoe!!!

Weekend Trend - The Cage Sandal  

Womp, womp, wooommmp...it was a very SLOW weekend in denim *awww*, but I did notice that many were wearing the new sandal trend - the cage sandal.

Ciara rocked the most popular of the bunch by Yves Saint Laurent:

Beyonce had on a silver pair...looking cute Bey!

Kim Kardashian had on a super-cute version by Giuseppe Zanotti (Please ignore all of the celebrity distraction in the background of this pic. I don't know what was going on with this hodge-podge of celebrity action so I've decided to just ignore it):

And Estelle wore some too...I'm not sure of the designer, but if you know, please share:

My suggestion is to follow Kim's lead on this trend. If you're going to wear these, please go with a bold polish...otherwise, it kinda looks like you just threw them on. These sandals make a bold statement so no pussyfooting here...GO BOLD or GO HOME!!!

Although they didn't do anything too special with their jeans, Ciara and Christina Milian didn't let us down on the jean front:

Did they go TOO far?  

At first glance, I thought that these celebs looked pretty on-point, but on second glance I had to wonder...

Did metrosexual (and super-hot hunk) David Beckham go too far with the thin pink scarf?

I mean, David can pretty much do anything he wants to and will look good, but the material AND color just = women's scarf...to ME anyway.

Did Kim Kardashian go too far wearing one too many eye-catching pieces in a single outfit?

Kim usually plays it pretty safe and I applaud her for pushing the fashion envelope a lot further than her usual form-fitting dress and heels, but the full skirt, studded belt, embellished bag, and exotic shoes??? I'm feeling dizzy. You know what? I think its the bag that could've stayed at home...

Did Jamie Foxx go too far with the purple sneakers?

I think his shirt, tie, sweater combo look great (a look that many guys don't do w/such a nice flair), but the purple sneakers??? Overkill.

Something just looks kinda off here. What are your thoughts?

For Tiff:

I think he DID get a little embarrassed...perhaps the paparazzi said something that made him insecure???

Good Looks?  

Rainy and Gray  

With the coming of spring's warm weather, many like to shy away from denim jeans, especially the darker washes because they can make you look too hot (in a bad way, not the good way). Well fortunately for us, there is a great Spring-y alternative that still gives the clean look of darker denim - gray denim!

I LOVE gray denim because it is more versatile than most blue denim not only because it serves as a neutral, but because there are so many variances in hue. You can wear them with whatever color top and/or shoes (although pairing w/gray can looked washed out). Its like having several pairs of white or black jeans!

Jessica Alba

Keri Hilson


Taylor Momsen


Ciara's all gray blase outfit was saved by her colorful Louis Vuitton sandals:

And for those of you who are expecting, you can get in on the trend too with these J&Company Beverly Rocks Thunder jeans:

Even Michael Jackson is getting in on this trend! LOL, nothing against Michael (I still love him), but I couldn't help myself when I saw this picture...

Lauren Conrad Collection  

About a month ago, I gave my thoughts on how underwhelmed I was with The Lauren Conrad Collection (click here for blog). Well apparently, she is too. Page Six reported that her clothing line was put on hiatus indefinitely and she quickly responded (read: attempted to save face) on her MySpace Blog:

A few days ago a statement was released to the showrooms that carry my clothing line. It asked them to let the stores know that I was planning to take a couple seasons off from my line so that I could make some changes that I felt were necessary. As a result, a lot of people were under the impression that my line was being discontinued or had been dropped. This isn't the case at all. The truth is I was the one who asked to take a couple seasons off. I have learned so much in the past year and I want to apply that to the improvement of my clothing line. I also wanted to make some changes in production so I would be able to lower the price point. I have spent the last couple weeks working on designs for spring, which is when I am planning to bring the (new and improved) line back. I also have some very exciting things going on that will be announced shortly.

Then, we hear the announcement of one these "very exciting things"...that she will have a line at Kohl's. Really now? This does not sound promising. Surely, the selling point of a $225 tank dress is as a luxe-fabric basic because it surely isn't as a fashion piece. So what collaboration can the Kohl's design team assist with to produce a line that ranges from $20-80??? *yawn*, yeah...

Source: The Cut

Runway to Red Carpet  

Not all of us are made like supermodels, but these celebs show that that can be a very good thing. Check out the supermodels being beat at their own game:

Sienna Miller in ShoWest:

Joy Bryant in Zac Posen. Now, Chanel Iman looks good too, but I think its the rich glow of Joy Bryant's skin that makes the dress pop, whereas Chanel's complexion blends in with the dress a little too much:

Evan Rachel Wood in an Elie Saab gown...I think its because you don't see her bones protruding from her body AND she gives it some shape.

I think Diane Kruger could rock pretty much anything. She's in Roberto Cavalli (above) and Marchesa (below)...I'm going to keep an eye on her - she is F-A-B:

Angelina Jolie in Armani Prive. Either its the fact that she fills the dress out more or she's wearing it slightly different, but you can see the detail of the dress much better on her:

To see more, go to People Style Watch:

Trend Alert: The Military (Michael Jackson) Jacket  

The Michael Jackson-esque military jacket has been seen all over, so while spring is still here, get yours and rock it now if you like to be trendy. Because come this fall and next spring, every designer and retailer may offer their own version and the trend could officially be played out.

Beyonce wore an $11,000 version by Balmain on a dinner date in NYC with her hubby, Jay-Z last week.

Then, Rihanna wore her Balmain in a day-timey ensemble a couple of days afterwards.

You can always opt to wear a more traditional (and affordable) version of the cadet-style jacet like supermodel, Enkiko Mihalik.

Of course, fashionisto Kanye West has one too.

The matchy-matchy group, Coldplay donned theirs at the Grammy awards in an array of colors. I think 1-2 of the members wearing the jacket would've sufficed though...IMHO.

Weekend in Denim  

The weather is breaking and many in warmer climates *in Chicago cutting my eyes at you* are abandoning denim jeans for their spring dresses. However, some didn't disappoint:

Ciara looked super-cute from the ankle up dining at Da Silvana in NYC this weekend. I'm not really a fan of those over-embellished Louboutins...particularly with this outfit.

Vanessa Hudgens looked really cute sitting with boyfriend Zac Efron at the Lakers game yesterday. I still have a hunch that they are a staged couple, but they looked cute anyway.

Brandy, looking much more polished than usual (new wig perhaps? or maybe its her garanimal boots and bag) got a new job on a new television show so I guess she's feeling pretty good about herself these days. *psst* Hey Brandy, you don't have to be so matchy-matchy anymore...

Lauren Conrad, a fashion do with her well-fitted skinny jeans was spotted at the airport with her unknown friend, a fashion don't with her rolled-up not quite boyfriend jean. It looks more like the my-jeans-are-too-long-and-I-either-didn't-have-or-didn't-want-to-wear-a-pair-of-cute-fitting-jean jeans. If you're going to hang out with Lauren, pick up some tips along the way girl!